Why You Should Charge Your RV Batteries Using Solar Panels



You can use RV solar panels to recharge your DC power in the RV battery system. The RV batteries can be powered up by these small panels when their charge has diminished. Unless you usually go camping in cave, you should invest in a solar panel recharging system for your RV.

There are different reasons why you may want to charge your batteries using RV Solar Panels. To begin, solar power is free. When tapping the sun’s energy, you will not need to pay any fuel costs. Apart from this, solar offers the best way to charge the batteries. To ensure your RV batteries maintain charge for a long time, they should be slowly but steadily charged with pure DC current. RV solar panels exactly do this.

There is no noise associated with charging RV batteries using solar. Unlike is the case with wind turbines or generators, you will not have to worry about smoke or noise. The energy that the sun produces is clean. When charging and after the exercise, you will not need to wash or clean up any messy oils. You also already know that solar energy is environmental friendly. No carbon dioxide is released when charging RV batteries using solar and hence the environment is not affected.

You can automatically charge the Solar For RV battery system using solar panels. To start the charging, you only have to switch on the charge control and the rest will be handled by the panels. The unit will automatically shut down when the sun goes down. Thus, you can be sure that the current will not flow out of your batteries at night. Charging the RV battery at home will also be possible as you won’t disturb the neighbors with noise or smoke, which is usually the case with generators. Carrying out maintenance of the RV solar panels is easy. Most of the times, the only work you will have to do is to dust the panels.

Finally, using solar to charge the RV batteries will set you free. You will no longer have to worry about dead batteries when you go RV boondocking.

Composition of RV Solar Panels

Before you buy RV solar panels, there are various things you should consider.  First off, you should know the main components of the solar system. A system usually have a solar charge controller, deep cycle batteries, RV solar panels and an inverter. The deep cycle batteries will help to store the energy that the RV solar panels produce. You will need an inverter to convert the 12V direct current to 120V alternating current that can power the appliances that use electricity. To choose the right solar panel, you have to know your daily power consumption.